First Steps to becoming an Instagram Content Creator

There is room for all of us, sis! So I want to share with you a few key things to get started and a couple of people you should follow to help set up your Social Media pages for success! You can convert your personal page or start from scratch with a new account. These steps will apply to both.

Your Name

Come up with a name/IG handle. If you want to use your name that’s great but just remember that someone may have the same name as you, so you don’t want to create one with a bunch of numbers and symbols to where it is confusing to remember. You will be associated with this name so make it memorable and easy. Also, create an email address using this same name.

Email Access

Make it easy for brands to reach out to you by either adding your email in your bio or creating an email button under your bio (more on this below). There have been times where an email address was nowhere in sight when I would reach out to influencers for collaboration.

Create a Bio

Change your bio to state what your page is about. If you are a fashion blogger make sure it says that. When people see your bio, they need to know exactly what they will get out of your page. This will be one of the reasons why they decide to follow you; they want fashion inspiration. Don’t confuse them by posting pics of your cat. You will lose them.

Business Account

You will need a business account for Instagram which will also require you to have a Facebook Business page. This will allow you to track your Engagement, create Ads, and tag branded a content. All of this is pretty easy so don’t get discouraged. Click the link below.

How to change your IG profile to a business profile

Once you have these steps completed, you want to start thinking about your content and set up your page so it looks cohesive. That could be color selections, highlights, templates, etc.

Here are a list of people on Instagram that can help you with branding:




Congratulations if you have completed these steps!! I will posting more on this subject, what has worked for me, what didn’t work, and Apps that will help in your progress.

You will do amazing things sis! I am proud of you for taking this first step by reading this post!



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